The Laymen’s Cup Interviewed Me About Baptism in the Early Church

On the latest episode of The Laymen’s Cup, I joined them to discuss some of my findings from my series here.

The podcast episode is here. Or find them in any of your podcast apps!

My series can be found here.

We discussed the fact, first of all, that immersion was overwhelming practiced.

Then we talked about what the Church Fathers meant by “Apostolic Tradition.” This covered some of what I posted here about Tertullian and here about Augustine. These are important points to keep in mind.

Finally was a survey of the 4 known Church Fathers who discussed infant baptism before 400. The citations can be found below. Note that 2 of the 4 actually recommended credobaptism (baptizing a child after they’re old enough to profess faith). Hippolytus added it to a list of other practices which Paedobaptists don’t continue to practice. And Origen would say that Reformed Infant Baptism is superfluous as it didn’t line up with what the Church believed.

Tertullian (In the earliest mention of infant baptism in all of Church history, caution is given that little children should not be baptized as the church should wait until after they have asked for salvation.)

Hippolytus (A discussion of Hippolytus’ statement that infants could be baptized. There were around 18 different practices he related to us from a baptism service. Of those, only 3 – or 4 if you count infant baptism – are practiced by Protestants today.)

Origen (If you are not baptizing the child to cleanse original sin, then it’s superfluous.)

Gregory Nazianzan (Little Children should only be baptized if they are in mortal danger. Otherwise, wait until after their 3rd year when they can answer questions about Baptism and have some reason.)

I also leave you with this quote by Brandon Adams:

When someone argues that infant baptism has been the practice of the church until the reformation, ask them which infant baptism. The one that saves? The one that regenerates? The one that instills faith? etc… If they got the meaning of baptism wrong, surely they could have gotten the subjects of baptism wrong too.

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