Books I Read in 2014

This year was an immersive year in reading for me. I tracked my reading over at Goodreads (It’s a great site for keeping up with your reading!). Last year, in 2013, I read 15 books. I decided to challenge myself with 25 books this year. But, I went well beyond that – I read 43 books this year accounting for over 10,000 pages. Here’s the full list!

Some brief notes on my reading….

I read 17 hardcopy books, the other 26 were Kindle.

CS Lewis: 10 books were by CS Lewis. And there were also 2 shorter biographies on Lewis. This included reading the entire The Chronicles of Narnia series with the family (though we read the first 2 in 2013). Also, I read The Ransom Trilogy (also known as The Space Trilogy). Both of these fictional series were wonderful. I’ve recently found out about Till We Have Faces, and I hope to get that in 2015! I’m also currently reading his “Miracles” to start 2015.

JRR Tolkien: The last few months of this year I also read a good bit of Tolkien. In addition to re-reading The Hobbit, I also read his translation of Beowulf (I really loved reading both the translation, his commentary, and also Sellic Spell. Go read this one!), Unfinished Tales, and also The Tolkien Reader. Both of these volumes I really enjoyed. I also just finished a biography of him by Wyatt North. I plan on re-reading The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings in 2015 as well as The Fall of Arthur. (I also hope to convince Jen to let me get some hardbacks of LotR and The Silmarillion) 😉

Madeline L’Engle: My wife got me interested in (i.e. hooked on) the Wrinkle in Time quintet this year. This year I will probably read through the O’Keefe series and Austin Family Chronicles. We also enjoyed reading her The 24 Days Before Christmas with the kids this year!

TheologyMost of the rest of  my reading was theological in nature. I really enjoyed the following books.

The God Who Justifies and also What Every Christian Needs to Know About The Qur’an (both by James White – I hope to read some more of his books in 2015). The titles of these two speak for themselves. The book on justification became quite detailed in the exegetical treatment section (about 2/3 of the book), but it was well worth the time invested to read it. The Qur’an book was highly enlightening on what the Qur’an purports to say about Christianity and where it falls short in showing much basic knowledge of our faith at all.
Pilgrim Theology by Michael Horton – this is the abridged version of his fuller systematic theology. I highly recommend this one, although of course there are some Presbyterian distinctions with which I wouldn’t agree.
From Heaven He Came and Sought Her – This is a large collection of essays on Definite Atonement. This was a newer volume, but I’m sure that it will become a timeless classic in the studies of “L”.
God’s Passion for His Glory – This is by John Piper. It’s an introduction to Edwards as well as to his work The End for Which God Created the World (which is included as the second half of the book).
Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas – A truly solid volume on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer!

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